We are programmers

We like challenges, withloans with a multidisciplinary team of developers that allows us to offer you any kind of system software in particular we are interested in when you have a creative component.

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CMS Web programming:

We do web development in the popular Joomla and wordpress, also with solutions such as Magento and Virtuemart and frameworks like Chronoengine, start of commercial templates and adapt them to the needs of our customers.

The challenge of using these tools is to cut costs, advise them on the best hosting to give them your best mail service, we maintain domains, we do SEO functions promoting website in google and other search engines. We act as a community manager if these services were required

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Programming C#:

We use visual C studio, we carry out all kinds of projects, well windows applications or interactive applications as that show you in this video in which one hand controlabamos the images that are projected on a table and you selected a menu of Interactive cocktail with animations flash which sought among other things to liven up the bar of a pub.


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PHP - Flash programming:

We complement the PHP programming with other programming environments in which web services are required

You can see here an explanatory video of software that we have developed to manage the works presented in the Congress or management of training academies

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Android - Java programming:

We have developed mobile applications that interact with systems based on Arduino controlling aspects home automation as control of temperature and sensors

also with IOIO interfaces to control lighting systems.

Let us know your needs sure we can find a solution developed by us and an optimal price