We are SEO:

Positioning of your website in search engines, optimization in search engines or especially the optimization of the design and programming of your page web are our main features such as SEO

Our goal is to improve the visibility of your website in the organic results from different search engines.


Hosting service:

A fundamental part of its website and is normally given little importance, it is the service of hosting, or form more simple we could say, the assigned hardware resources to its website

Hosting services are usually on servers shared by many users, is unknown criterion used by every company offering this service, but generally 10-20 pages corporate web that often have few visits (< 50 /) day) can coexist without problems of saturation.

However if your service is of type ecommerce, at some point you may have too much traffic and when problems arise, too many questions, too much load processes, etc... we have to find the solution in an efficient manner.

Increase the number of processors, bandwidth, memory, etc. based virtual servers in ssd storage can be adapted easily its resources to the evolution of their needs.

One of our functions will therefore be the monitor these resources and avoid that a good design of web page look handicapped by a poor hosting service.

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Web page design:

The use of web pages based on CMS (Joomla, Wordpress) has facilitated the work developers, allowing you to reduce costs and make available to small businesses have their own web page.

There are other services even more "packaged" as Wix, ukit, weebly etc.. all of them offer an online service "design your own" your web page.

Other platforms owners but very specialized in ecommerce: Magento, Shopify, which allow developers to program a webshop with a relatively low cost.

But do not forget that web page is a picture of a company or its services, that you can touch up, dress, etc. What will determine the outcome of a good web page not only will be will be good to make the programmer, but the proper functioning of the company.

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Hosting and design of page web support with a correct labelling of photos and pages to facilitate its assimilation by the search engines by using indexing, after this process a job there is analysis of the positioning of the web newspaper, presence in social communities, with special attention to the comments of the users of the services in the different media which will have to respond as much as possible and/or make improvements to the client: community manager service.
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