We specialize in computer maintenance, we give support to businesses and schools in the Community of Madrid. We've spent years evolving and maintaining communications infrastructure of our clients.
• Data networks,
• IP Telephony Systems
• MPLS Networks,
• Computer rooms,
• audiovisual rooms,
• Interactive Whiteboards,
• CPD's, etc. ..
• Monitoring Systems
• CATV Systems


  We provide administration , training and consulting and implementation of new technologies. We always recommend to our customers that anticipate the problem with proactive measures. Sure we have a service package that fits your needs and cost Contact us now .

• We can transfer the settings from your old computer to a new one
• There are many free softwares that surely increase the functionality of your business
• We rescue data from damaged hard drives or deleted accidentally
• We improve the management of their software , optimizing it for lower power consumption
• We help you set up your smartphone, tablet devices to integrate their applications
• design backup your data and better than that we design methodology that guarantees loss " 0" information
• We guarantee always online assistance , we offer remote support for any questions , you put response times
• Develop its interactive website