Lighting led: has not only invaded our homes powered energy savings, but also in the business world, lighting of streets and highways, vehicles. Now touch also redesign the concepts we have lighting systems.

iluminacion pag4   Light color:

Never before it had raised to selecting the color of white light that depending on the space: office, retail, restaurant can modify the appearance of a place and the desire to remain in the.

  • Warm light (approx. 3000K)
  • Light Natural(aprox 5000K)
  • Light Fría(aprox 7000K)
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Programmable RGB color:

In addition to Video wall or programmable led matrices in which relevant information, results of a party, may be advertising, we can also create images decorative as a wood stove fire, or the stage of a Hall

                iluminacion pag5         iluminacion pag7

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Light design:

You stopped thinking about the hole for the bulb and now thinking of light as part of the device, anywhere you can put a color programmable led Strip

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Programmable intensity:

Human beings have different needs of light throughout the day, adapted to those needs can make a workplace much more comfortable

The companies now have the possibility of modifying these parameters in their offices, most lighting systems are programmable, even modifying the automatic ignition from certain hours in the presence of light or energy saving exterior