Fiber optic:

The wiring of fiber are in common use in any corporate network, either as an interconnection of equipment or as WAN links of connection with the outside.

The popularization of this kind of links is due to the cost of the materials and above all the reduction of costs of the electronics associated with these interfaces.

The trend of fiber interfaces to ethernet Protocol has favoured the integration of different brands and speeds

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Structure of connection:

The installation wiring of fiber can be considered similar to the copper, with the advantage of its lighter weight and better performance against moisture or external agents.

The complexity of wiring of fiber is only at the stage of connection: or using connections (mechanical type) epoxy used in multimode fibers and connection by fusion with electric arc, that due to the lowering of the machines that perform it is has become the most popular method, especially because the process is much more fast and as we all know time is money.

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Detection of faults:

There are multiple tools that will allow us to identify bugs in an instalation.

Tube laser: which will allow us to detect broken connections, usually always in the area of joints, because when it comes to placing them in the "cassettes" of joints may have forced the connection.

There will always be cut-off points in the connectors ST, SC that we use, most of them have an APC cut to reduce these losses.

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Certification, which basically measures the attenuation of the link is also important considering mergers (joints) made, may be the case that has excessive losses and having to make the joint.

The attenuation that gives the fusion splicer is a visual approach, and although quite realistic, we must not forget that we work with fibers "optical" certifying equipment will be giving us as a valid connection.

Do not mix wires OM3 and OM4 certifications that are variants of Multimode cables with better response at frequencies of 10G

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Fiber pipes

It is important to convince our client, especially if it is a large company to use special fiber cables duct, it will be the only way to protect these wired that although robust are critical for high capacity links that support

Important also the labelling of cables.

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Signal distributors

The deliverers of wiring allow us among other things to assign different operators to each Subscriber, it is therefore essential to make it standard according to the rules of each country

Download here brochure of assembly using epoxy(Fibras Multimodo)

Download here brochure of connectorization using ARC electrico(Fibras Monomodo)

Video explaining about common errors in fusion of monomode fibers