Structured wiring

The increased speed required by increasingly complex software applications, along with an increase in the demand for connectivity by increasing services and available information, IP telephony, video streaming, security systems, videoconferencing, etc... they make necessary the installation of a wiring system structured that international and that supports the high data capacity meets the standards of quality required.

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With the emergence of the IEEE standard 802.3ab that allows using a category 6 cabling transmit speed of 1000 Mbps, using all four pairs (commonly used 2: TX and RX), has been highlighting the importance of the cabling infrastructure comply with the specifications and parameters.


  • Design flexibility
  • Homogeneity
  • Reducing space and cost
  • Distribution of capacity

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Ensure that each data collection complies with the quality requirements, not only demonstrates that connections were made with the right quality, but certain precautions in the laying of wiring, have been met by eliminating as far as possible the choke cables either flanged or with cocas, also avoid excessive bends in Tomás boxes or excessively unbraid the cables at the time of making connections.

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Wiring cabinets:

Get a wiring closet keep orderly only is achieved by facilitating the placement of wires with sleeve vertical and horizontal, simple handling and enough space for cables. Don't usually give much importance to this appearance but who are dedicated to this customer explained the important thing is the network in your organization and therefore the need is to provide the necessary resources.

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Poe(Power over ethernet):

Power to apply tension to the devices via cable was made possible by reducing the consumption of the same, but also has necessitated replacing many cables cat 5e as the thickness of your strands does not support it in the same way as C wiring AT 6. More and more devices that allow the remote: CCTV Camaras IP phones, readers of presence, access points wifi

Provide a modern and tidy cabling is a necessary investment for any company

You can download here technical document(spanish).