Specialists in AV systems

We offer systems of broadcasting, editing, audio visual interaction, both infrastructure as the platform for content that matches the needs of the client. The content tends to be the fundamental part of this type of system, that advise our clients analyze together both

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Broadcasting on campus:

Allows the transport of video signals via TCP/IP with a network infrastructure available, broadcasting audiovisual signals that offer contents of campus events, news etc.

With a low cost of editing you can automate the issuance of these contents

Should be to ditch that for dissemination of audiovisual signals the multicast protocol is that get the most out of the network, not being necessary to supply a stream to each recipient, but it is a structure  of nodes that will be distributing the signal to the different receivers

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Audiovisual classrooms for language teaching:

Audiovisual classrooms for teaching languages the complexity of continuous software updates and correction of equipment settings, are classrooms that are used by multiple students every day.

Systems with tools that provide remote control of computers computer system facilitates the teaching task

A good system of automated backups will also restore equipment to its initial situation in minutes

The existence of a NAS on the network will share content by students and teachers

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Video on presidential table:

Allowing the speakers normally seated at the presidential table to access audiovisual content that you are projecting at that moment tends to be a necessity in Conference rooms, the central monitor has enough drawbacks in as regards difficulty read information that is projected, a solution much more elegant and practical are small monitors distributed by the presidential table.

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Interactive whiteboards:

Its use in schools and colleges has proliferated the last few years, the main advantage is access to audiovisual content in the classroom that makes learning much more entertaining and dynamic allows teachers do without paper and to get students content of high quality.

The evolution of these systems has been very important since include short ultra lens projectors, add speakers and wireless computers

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Sound systems:

Both high impedance to malls, worship centers, transport stations and places where the speech is important

As low impedance to halls of acts requiring a sound rich in harmonics


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AV Internet streaming:

We use systems professionals to transmit events in real time via a web page accessible globally, we can synchronize multiple cameras on the same page and mix sounds. This type of professional services requires personnel dedicated to the event, you should arrange a meeting to meet the needs of the same.

There is a post-production work to make these accessible content on the network with a better quality of the audiovisual treatment of the event.