Professional antenna installers:

Antennas are external RF systems adapters and this is why your choice is conditional on several aspects:

frequency of the signal receiving - emitting, power, type of TT and environment (rural-urban).

The installation of Radiant Systems involves aspects of safety and risk prevention sorting to this type of work within the Group of "specialist".

You must therefore choose qualified companies if you need these services.

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Security features:

We must highlight the importance of risk assessment prior to performing the work, there are no two same installations,
floor (roof, terrace Tower) not always be equipped with proper footwear, safety boots is the best choice.
anchors of the mast is supported where the radiant element
Land ,  Conections, Insulations connections, cabling fixing

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•Especialistas in radiant systems: GSM, DVB-t, FM, Minilinks, parabolic SAT, Wifi radio links
• Maintenance of transponders ,repeaters, gap-fillers
•Poseemos certification facilities RF equipment: meters of ROE, meter, measuring RF power, analyzers GSM, etc...
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Signal Gsm:

With experience in improvement systems coverage GSM/DCS, controlling the powers of emiter to not damage cellular system operators.

If arise problems of obstacles, according to the environment and the distance, a passive Repeater can solve this problem

It is important to note that GSM systems due to high frequencies require wiring low-lost, also the way of TX-RX signals is bidirectional. An excessive signal reception is equivalent to an excessive radiated power

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Bad orientation of an antenna produces a significant loss of signal, our advice is that you have professionals in your area to make the setting optimal. Digital signals, sometimes there are problems of interference between repetitive, called echoes. With appropriate measurement equipment and reorienting the antenna properly will be able to solve it.

More and more present interference of the new mobile 4G or 5G frequency bands, can be removed using frequency selective filters.

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Wifi signal:

Specialists in making "Wifi surveis" (studies of coverage) in the band 2.5 G and 5G, checking not only signal strength but also width of band, optimizing the placement of access points.

We can advise you on new systems without Aruba controllers, or low cost of Unifi solutions that give us an analysis in real time of the performance of the wifi systems antena pag6