To successfully guide to quality management, our company policy defined as achieving full customer satisfaction, differing in their sector by:

• the quality and reliability of the products it sells,


• the quality of service commercialization.


The guidelines from this policy can be summarized in the following basic principles or objectives:


Customer orientation


TELDRIVE's customers. are our reason for being so not only have to attend and meet their needs expressed but must be able to anticipate their expectations through continuous contact to enable us to evaluate the perception that customers have about the products we sell.


Individual attention


The professionalism demanded by the market forces us to adapt our marketing process to the characteristics and needs of each client.


Therefore, one of our constant update is the continuous improvement of the process.




Our customer service can not depend on continuous monitoring.


To the extent that we grow, each member of TELDRIVE SL has to take responsibility for their tasks at the level that applies. The management of our service has to be focused on people who do, for which within its framework, have the authority and ability to organize activities to achieve customer satisfaction, counting with the full support of management