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 With traditional analog video cameras can capture images using a recorder which in turn converts them to digital format and transmitted via the network(LAN/WAN).Store images in digital format has allowed lower costs of these systems and expanded the possibilities of treatment:

  • Intelligent detection alarm
  • Centralized recording
  • remote access to real-time recordings(viainternet)

IP cameras are the most advanced version of these systems are able to detect movement in a predefined mask, this allows the recording system only single images that have been detected motion and therefore so does save resources stored storage and make the system much more efficient vgestión alarms. For storage formats such as video stream (mpeg, h264, ..), or directly on Independent JPEG files are used. You can even use the two simultaneously recording formats especially if they are storing images as you want to monitor in real time pictures from a mobile device.aaaaaa


The great problem of IP cameras are the little standardization in how to transmit images or how to convey the motion detection alarms, codecs used and format of the generated files. To solve this some recorders perform motion detection process in real time, supporting connection to most manufacturers, but only being able to perform monitoring pictures in real time. There is an attempt at standardization gradually being adopted most manufacturers there is an organization ONVIF  

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