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Audio-visual  broadcast systems offer both infrastructure and content platform that best meets customer needs. The content is often the key part of these  systems, so we advise our customers to analyze jointly both. Depending on the capacity of data links that are available will decide the type of technology used in the audiovisual equipment in the network. A low capacity links require equipment network equipment given greater autonomy and storage.




We produce content aimed by our customers or under our own direction. A very important part of a company's presence on the Internet is a company image in audiovisual format. Contact us and add a new perspective to your business.

Our latest projects are:
Installation of Interactive Digital Display (IDP's) in educational settings
Development grabacción audiovisual system for psychiatric therapies more information
Digital Signage System University of Madrid
Development audiovisual interactive software in Madrid Cocktail Bar .You can see ana demo at link de youtube
System audiovisual teaching English in public school
Production of promotional video-editing companies



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